PF 200 Series Polyester Fabric

PF 200 Series is a stitch-bonded, polyester reinforcing fabric designed to strengthen joints and flashings. Designed to be used in conjunction with our 100% silicone roof coating.

Available in 180′ rolls – 6″ or 12″ wide.

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Basic Uses & Description:

PF 200 Polyester Fabric is a stitch-bonded, low profile, polyester designed for use with the Pro-Eco Sil HS 3200 Series roofing and waterproofing systems. Together they form a strong yet conforming membrane. PF 200 Polyester Fabric is used to increase tensile strength, specifically at joints, flashings. and seams that may move as the roof expands and contracts.

Packaging Information:

PF 200 Polyester Fabric is offered in 6” (PF 206) and 12” (PF 212) wide rolls, both of which are 180’ long.  PF 206 contains 6 rolls per case and 180 rolls per skid. PF 212 contains 3 rolls per case and 90 rolls per skid.

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